No clues in Brussels care home murder case

No clues in Brussels care home murder case
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Police have reached an impasse in the investigation into the murder of an 85-year-old resident of a care home in Anderlecht, the Brussels prosecutors office said.

The woman, identified only as Grazia O., was found dead in her room in the Clos Bizet residential care home in Anderlecht on 23 August. Her throat had been cut.

However since then, no murder weapon has been found, and no potential suspect identified. Despite Covid precautions in place since the start of the pandemic, there appears to be no way to trace who entered and left the home during the time in question.

The judicial investigation is still in full swing,” said Willemien Baert of the Brussels prosecutor’s office.

Several people have already been questioned. No witnesses have been identified and no images are available of the scene. The murder weapon has not yet been found. No suspect has been identified at this time.”

The homes management reacted with some surprise at the time, Bruzz reported back in August.
“The night nurse entered her room and then called 112. Upon arrival, the police immediately decided to start an investigation and not allow anyone in. That’s why we hardly know anything ourselves,” said Gerda Hanssens, interim director of the home.

“We have no idea why a police investigation was launched. Both the staff and the residents were surprised that the police arrived.”

The investigation, having now exhausted the usual routine of procedures, has fallen back on the most difficult of all – biological traces. Given the fact that the murder took place more than three weeks ago, unless those traces were collected at the very moments after the discovery of the crime, they are likely to be deteriorated in some way.

But even if they were, it could still take months to produce evidence on that basis. In the meantime, a killer walks free.

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