Belgium in Brief: What Now?

Belgium in Brief: What Now?
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We’ve had the meeting, we know the results, and now the time has come to see what happens next.

So I find myself wondering a simple question:

What now? 

We could talk about the fact we (maybe) have holidays planned – a definite feeling of returning to normal as we enter into the autumn holidays.

We could wonder what’s going on with the third shot – but we’d just be guessing until some more information comes out at the weekend.

We could discuss how things might change after the new current measures take hold: will there be a wave of vaccinations? Will people go out less? Will offices again be empty? Will we limit contacts?

Like so many things these days, on a local, national, and international level, everything hangs in the balance.

We could ignore the pandemic entirely and talk about the clocks changingwhich is more complicated than I ever gave it credit for.

So – I guess I can ask and hope you reply. What do you want to talk about?

Let @johnstonjules know (or email me

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1. Non-urgent care once again postponed in some hospitals

As the worsening coronavirus situation in Belgium is starting to take its toll on hospitals, it has been confirmed non-urgent care will once again be postponed in certain health care institutions. Read More.

2. Brussels metro: strikes continue to cause delays

Credit: Belga

Strike action by metro staff continues to cause delays on Brussels metro lines M1, M2, M5, and M6. This follows from Wednesday’s strikes, organised by the liberal CGSLB union, that lead to delayed metro services. Read more.

3. Belgium switches to winter time this weekend (yes, again)

This weekend, Belgium will once again change the clocks from summer to winter time, meaning that at 3:00 AM, the clocks will go back one hour, gifting us all an extra hour of sleep if we so choose. Oh, did you think it was over?

4. Use of CST in gyms will see Basic-Fit’s 24/7 centres close at night

Belgium’s Consultative Committee announced on Tuesday that it would be standardising the use of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) meaning it will be needed to enter various public spaces in all regions, including gyms. Read more

5. Face masks re-introduced in certain grades of Flemish primary schools

The wearing of face masks will once again be mandatory for pupils in the fifth and sixth years of Dutch-speaking primary schools, starting from Monday 8 November. Read more. 

6. Travel confidence: 2 in 3 Europeans plan to travel in the next six months

Demand for travel is strong across Europe despite the end of the peak summer season, with 2 in 3 Europeans planning to travel in the next six months. Read more

7. Brussels Airport warns autumn holidaymakers to arrive early

Passengers leaving from Brussels Airport this autumn have been advised to factor in extra time to account for longer than normal check-in times and additional coronavirus requirements. Here’s more.

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