Over 60% of Belgians donate to charities

Over 60% of Belgians donate to charities
Credit: Belga

More than six out of every 10 Belgians make at least one donation to a charity each year, Belga new agency reports, quoting the latest edition of De Zondag newspaper.

Tax filings for this year show that in fiscal 2020, a record 960,110 Belgians donated at least 40 euros to a worthy cause.

Normally, tax reductions for such donations amount to 45%. In 2020, they increased to 60%.

Last year’s donations totalled 278,719,579 euros – about 290 euros per tax filing.

The number of Belgians mentioning donations in their tax claims has been increasing from year to year, Belga notes. Five years ago, it was 724,819.

However, the average amount per donation has remained largely unchanged over the years.

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