Weather: heavy rains and snow cause road hazards

Weather: heavy rains and snow cause road hazards
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Belgium’s weather service has put out a warning for slippery roads due to melting snow and heavy rains on Friday and over the weekend.

“We predict 15 to 25 litres of water per square metre, which is one to two buckets,” reported meteorologist Frank Deboosere.

“That’s a lot. Especially in the west, where the water levels are already high, this could cause problems. Local flooding is certainly not ruled out.”

There will be snow on Friday in the Ardennes and lower and central Belgium could see a mix of rain and snow.

Translation: Slipperiness warning from 09/12 12h to 11/12 01h: SNOW During the next few hours, wintry showers will fall, with a fresh layer of snow over parts of the provinces of Namur, Liège and …

The afternoon will be drier but cloudy in the west of the country with temperatures in the single digits. On the coast and at sea winds will be quite strong with gusts of 60-70 kph forecast.

Road-salting services are ready to roll, and Belgium’s FPS Interior (formerly the Ministry of the Interior) has activated its code-1722 storm and water damage warning system.

Forecasts for specific parts of the country this weekend.

Saturday will have heavy clouds across the country, especially to the east. It will remain dry, with the exception of some wintry precipitation south of the rivers Sambre and Meuse, while the west may even see some sun.

In the evening, rain will arrive from the west along with lower temperatures.

From Sunday onwards it will be noticeably milder and rainy, with heavy clouds and temperatures around 11 degrees. Early next week should be dry and mild but still cloudy with temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees.

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