Police unions close to securing first salary increase in 20 years

Police unions close to securing first salary increase in 20 years
Credit: Vlas police zone

Police unions are closer to an agreement with Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) on a salary increase that would be their first raise in two decades.

After police rejected earlier offers that they said were insultingly low, De Standaard reports that an average increase of €70 net is now on the table.

The four police unions met with Minister Verlinden on Tuesday to negotiate, after organising demonstrations to express their disappointment with the lack of progress made up to now.

Translation: With the current proposal from our Minister of Interior @AnneliesVl, the profession of police officer is made more attractive. You get the same stones, the same street furniture and other projectiles thrown at your head for €37.5 extra!

Verlinden has agreed that police officers can keep their favourable pension plan and retire from the age of 58, after previously attempting to raise the age of retirement.

Tuesday’s wage negotiations were deemed “constructive” and led to a breakthrough. The budget for the police force was raised from €100 million to €120 million, allowing for wage increases.

There is also talk of an additional budget for the compensation of telework, a second bargaining phase in 2024, and further discussions on retirement reform.

Negotiations will continue on Thursday, and unions can approve or reject a possible final agreement after consulting with members.

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