New legal battle over ‘outdated’ Covid Safe Ticket in Wallonia

New legal battle over ‘outdated’ Covid Safe Ticket in Wallonia
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A new court challenge against restrictions to hospitality and events access claims data used to extend the Belgian Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is “totally outdated.”

The non-profit organisation ‘Notre Bon Droit’, which is also active in France and Québec in Canada, have filed a legal action in Namur over the decision to prolong the use of the CST until 15 April based on pre-Christmas virus figures.

The latest move comes immediately after two prior court complaints were rejected earlier this month by judges, and amid ongoing resistance from the hospitality sector against the current measures.

“The epidemiological situation justifying the measure dates from 16 December, more than one month before its renewal,” lawyer Audrey Despontin told French-language daily Le Soir.

“The situation has improved markedly since then, and no account is taken of the emergence of the Omicron variant, which means the health data used to push through the executive order is totally outdated.”

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The challenge seeks to put the burden of proof back on public authorities and questions the measure’s “proportionality” when taking into account the current burden levels on intensive care.

The papers filed with the court argue that the regulation has failed to deliver on its stated purpose — to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 in the interests of public health resources — and therefore that “the Wallonia region has committed another fault.”

Belgian leaders are due to come together again soon to discuss possible relaxations to current measures, but an exact date has not yet been decided.

Denmark recently lifted all of its Covid related restrictions, with England also on a similar path, while Spain has announced it will lift the requirement to wear masks from next Tuesday.

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