The NGO Plan Belgium joins the 12-12 Coalition

The NGO Plan Belgium joins the 12-12 Coalition

On Tuesday, Plan Belgium announced in a statement that it has joined the Belgian Coalition for Emergency Situations (12-12 Coalition). Now there are six humanitarian organizations “who will join forces to respond to natural disasters and humanitarian crises of great magnitude”: Plan Belgium, Caritas International, Médecins du Monde, Oxfam International, UNICEF and Handicap International Belgium.

Different preparedness criteria exist in order to join the Consortium, said its director Erik Todts. “Humanitarian assistance must be in the by-laws of the organization, or be a substantial part of its activities. It must also be part of an international network and its base of representation in Belgium must be limited.” Plan Belgium approached the Coalition earlier this year and requested to join.

Organizations that are part of the Coalition are “capable of rapid worldwide response in order to provide quality assistance during disasters or major emergencies,” adds Erik Todts. “Due to this specialization and specification, not all NGOs and emergency aid organizations are able to meet the requirements for admission, but each application is seriously considered.”
The 12-12 Coalition is especially sought out for specific campaigns during serious situations.  The Coalition launched an appeal for donations during the passage of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
“Integrating the 12-12 Coalition is a logical step for Plan Belgium. Originally Plan was focused on structural development and child-centered community outreach. But since the mid-90s, we realized that responding before, during and after emergencies is an intrinsic part of this work, “says Dirk Van Maele, Chief.

Since 1983, Plan Belgium has been working since 1983 in favor of the most vulnerable children in the South to fight against poverty, injustice and inequality.


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