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La Sabam signs an agreement with Netflix

The society of Belgian authors Sabam has signed an agreement with Netflix, the American service for videos on demand on the internet.
Netflix will make its entry to the Belgian market during the month of September. The agreement will guaranty a remuneration extracted to members of Sabam while its repertoire will figure in Netflix’s catalogue. It also guarantees Netflix a license to use Sabam’s audiovisual and musical playlists.

The digital universe allows new actors to innovate and to offer their cultural services to consumers. This is a real opportunity for the creators. Within this context, the role of SABAM is about looking after in advance for the writers and artists interests and to their remuneration with regard to all their works, says Christophe Depreter, Sabam’s delegated administrator.

The company represents 39 000 artists, composers and publishers and more than 4 million pieces of work.

(Source: Belga)