Malika El Aroud requests ankle monitor

Malika El Aroud requests ankle monitor

On Monday, lawyer Nicolas Cohen made it known that his client, Malika El Aroud, who was convicted on terrorism charges in 2010, has filed a request for an ankle monitor.
The Court for Enforcement of Penalties (TAP) has not yet set a date to review the application. “We are waiting for various reports, including those from the prison, to be delivered.  The request has been submitted however we have not yet set a date to appear before the TAP,” said Mr. Cohen. 

“My client has completed two-thirds of her sentence, and is therefore eligible for an ankle monitor,” the lawyer added. 

In December 2010, the Court of Appeals in Brussels sentenced Malika El Aroud to eight years in prison for terrorism. She was convicted of leading a terrorist network in Belgium, which organized the sending of jihadist fighters to Afghanistan. 

The Belgo-Moroccan is also currently the subject of proceedings in order to have her Belgian citizenship revoked. These proceedings were filed by the prosecutor’s office in Brussels. According to the law, this particular procedure may be instituted by the Attorney General against a person who has seriously failed in their duties as a citizen or has fraudulently acquired Belgian citizenship.  

The date for these proceedings has been set for October 9th.  

(Source: Belga)

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