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Young worker crushed by wall in Liege working illegally

According to information disclosed by Sudpresse on Friday, the young 21–year old man who died on Wednesday at Liege after a wall collapsed was working under the table.
It started with the demolition of the wall on behalf of his future boss, who had promised to hire him after the first ob was completed without a contract. The young man tried to contact his “boss” around 11:30, but was unable to reach him, says Sudpresse. The employer finally showed up at 2:45 whereupon he found the body of his future employee; the wall had probably collapsed on him hours before. Panicking, the boss first fled the scene and then finally called for help around 3:00 reported the newspaper after interviewing eyewitnesses.

News agency Belga contacted the Liege labor auditor who stated that they can not confirm whether or not the victim was working illegally. The investigation, which may take over a year, will first focus on the most pertinent facts before investigating the potential liabilities and the social status of the victim and the employer, he said.

(Source: Belga)