TC Brussels – Daniel Feret sentenced to three years

TC Brussels – Daniel Feret sentenced to three years

On Monday, the prosecutor asked the Criminal Court of Brussels to sentence Daniel Feret to three years in prison. The former president of the FN (National Front), a Belgian right-wing political party, which is now disbanded, is accused, along with his partner, Audrey Rorive, of forgery and embezzlement. The prosecution had requested that all charges should be taken into account when determining the sentence as well as the fact that Daniel Feret had not been questioned since his indictment.

The prosecutor therefore requested a three- year sentence with no possibility of a suspension.

For Audrey Rorive, the prosecutor suggested that sentencing be deferred, considering the fact that Rorive was only following orders from her partner.

The former FN president and his partner, Audrey Rorive, former FN member, are also accused of using money donated to the FN for public use to buy personal items such as photography equipment, a villa and two cars. Daniel Feret is also suspected of having been paid for consultancy services by the FN whereas services were never provided.  He also allegedly  filed for bankruptcy after being ordered to pay compensation by the Brussels Court of Appeal in 2010.

(Source: Belga)

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