Burning truck on the E411- Truck containing thousands of beer bottles still needs to be evacuated

The truck carrying thousands of bottles of beer that caught fire Thursday morning on the E411 in direction of Luxembourg-Brussels just after the Beez (Namur) overpass still needs to be evacuated, stated Laurence Zanchetta, spokesperson for the Department of Public Service of Wallonia (SPW). Thursday noon, traffic conditions were still deplorable and drivers were strongly advised not to take the E411. Firefighters were called to Namur around 7:00 AM because the truck had caught fire.

Once the fire was extinguished, firefighters and SPW agents worked to clear the road of the scattered beer bottles.  Oil was also spilled onto the road. The truck will only be removed after all the bottles and oil have been cleared away.

“For now it impossible to assess the damage because two tons of liquid were spilled onto the road,” said Laurence Zanchetta, asking drivers to take the E411 only in cases of extreme necessity. “Only the left lane is in use. According to recent estimates, there  will be a delay until 1:30,” she stated.

When the damage caused by the heat of the burning truck has been evaluated, traffic delays can be expected throughout the afternoon because the lanes will be reduced during repairs.

(Source: Belga)

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