Walloon Brabant - Jurors to decide verdict in murder trial

Walloon Brabant - Jurors to decide verdict in murder trial

On Thursday at 10:15, the ninth day of the trial of the alleged murderers of Anne-Françoise Maque, the jury went into deliberation to decide on a verdict. In the early morning, Johan Luijten, Kevin Witpas and Bryan P. addressed the court one last time. All three expressed their regrets, however the discussions that took place at the Nivelles courthouse for nearly two weeks failed to prove each one’s share of responsibility in the death of the victim , beaten to death in 2006, "I'm sorry for the plaintiffs, that the truth could not be shown more clearly at the trial. I swear, I've said all I know. I am prepared to accept the consequences of my actions but I do not want to pay for another person’s actions, "explained Johan Luijten before the trial ended.

The three defendants showed remorse, and said that unfortunately it was impossible to go back in time. Even Bryan P., a minor at the time of the offense, whose lawyer had argued for an acquittal, said he will accept the verdict.

During deliberations, the jury will have to answer seventeen questions. This should take most of the day.

(Source: Belga)

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