Thieves steal 50,000 euros from Woluwe-Saint-Pierre brewery

On Sunday afternoon, two robbers broke into the Etangs Mellaerts brewery in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and stole 50,000 euros. The thieves threatened the owner of the brewery with a handgun before escaping. They have not yet been apprehended, reported the newspaper Derniere Heure on its website.  

The Brussels prosecutor's office could not be contacted to confirm the information and the Montogomery area police refused to comment on the events that took place. The robbery took place in the early afternoon at the Etangs Mellaerts brewery located on Boulevard du Souverain. The owner of the brewery had come to empty the register when the two hooded men appeared and threatened him. They then made off with the money as well as the proceeds of other restaurants belonging to the same business group as the brewery. 

The victim tried to pursue his attackers but they threatened him with a gun in front of the 50 people present in the establishment. No shots were fired and the robbers are still at large.

(Source: Belga)

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