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Farid Bamouhammad to request euthanasia

In a statement to RTBF , Farid Bamouhammad, nicknamed Farid the Nut, who has been in prison since 1985 for murder, attempted murder and attempted kidnapping,  says he plans to request euthanasia.
“I spent all this time in this hell, this prison. No one has ever experienced what was done to me. I would rather die. This goes against my mother, this goes against the love I have for my daughter. This is not the life I want to lead, “he said in an interview with RTBF which aired Sunday night during the television news program “La Une.”

Farid Bamouhammad has been transferred 167 times from one prison to another. In August 2005, he held his daughter hostage in Brussels. He is considered to be a difficult and dangerous inmate by police officers.

According to the RTBF, the request does not fall within the conditions set by Euthanasia law and therefore will most likely not be granted.

Jonathan Morrisson ( Source: Belga)