Train routes still interrupted near Liège

Train service has been interrupted since Wednesday afternoon in the Liege area due to a computer failure. Route 36, which connects North Brussels and Liege-Guillemins, and Route 37 which connects Liège-Guillemins to Hergenrath have been restored. Delays, however, are reported on other routes, particularly on the 34-Hasselt Liège-Guillemins and 43 Liège-Guillemins-Marloie routes, stated an Infrabel spokesperson. Major interruptions continue on Routes 34 and 43 due to recent train cancellations.  According to Infrabel, travelling times have been extended by at least 30 minutes.

All lines should be completely restored by Thursday morning.

Minor interruptions continue on other lines passing through the ​​Liege area, with delays of up to 10 minutes.

(Source: Belga)

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