Ebola – Patient expected to arrive in Germany is not Belgian

In response to information published by the German newspaper, Bild, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Public Health Department have both denied that the Ebola patient expected to arrive in Germany is Belgian. The nationality of the patient has not been disclosed. “Reports that the pediatrician infected with Ebola is Belgian are inaccurate. This has been confirmed by the Department of Public Health,” said Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Hendrik Van de Velde.

The German daily newspaper, Bild previously reported, based on unspecified sources, that a Belgian pediatrician suffering from the Ebola virus would be transferred to the University Hospital of Frankfurt. They also reported to the Belga news agency that a patient with Ebola would soon be arriving to the country but did not give a specific day. A spokesperson for the hospital refused to disclose the patient’s nationality.

(Source: Belga)

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