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One out of three young Belgians don’t need a car

Generation Y, which represents those born between 1977 and 1994, is less tied to the car than their predecessors. According to a study by the Deloitte audit firm, one out of three young people say that they wouldn’t consider buying or leasing a car before 2019. Young Belgians are less dependent on the car than their European peers. The study, whose results were published on Thursday, found that today young people between the ages of 20 and 37 are less attracted to owning a car and prefer public transportation, taxis, carpooling or walking. These methods of transportation are considered to be more flexible and cheaper than cars.

“The results of this study show that the long love affair between Europeans and their cars is beginning to falter,” said Eric Desomer of Deloitte Belgium. “The advent of new methods of transportation, such as car sharing or carpool, improved public transportation services and multimodal systems are that today’s youth prefer having  access to a car rather than owning one.”

Belgian members of Generation Y have named cost as the major obstacle in buying a car. Others also cited fees and maintenance costs as another disadvantage. No less than 70% of young people also believe that public transportation and walking are better suited to their lifestyle.

Approximately, 23,000 young people from over twenty countries took part in the survey, 1,600 in Belgium.

(Source: Belga)