300 people protest in Brussels in support of the undocumented

On Friday afternoon, approximately 300 people responded to the appeal of the group La Voix des Sans-Papiers (Voice of the Undocumented) and took to the streets of Brussels to protest in favor of the legalization of all undocumented persons. They also demanded that evictions of the undocumented be stopped and that a European migration policy in compliance with international conventions with the same working conditions for all be put in place. Two hundred undocumented people, who have occupied an abandoned building in Boulevard Leopold II, in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, since June 27th, left their quarters to march alongside their supporters. They repeated the reasons behind the protest.

"The event is a political act so that we can be heard. We are not asking for much, just an adjustment, so that we can live in dignity, to work like any human being. We also protest to ensure a future for our children," said Thierno Dieng, spokesperson for La Voix des Sans-Papiers.

"We also demand the release of our brothers and sisters being held in unfavorable conditions. We are not recognized as immigrants. We are not dangerous but in danger," he added.

(Source: Belga)

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