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Antwerp stabbing: one dead and one severely injured

A man died on Saturday morning after being stabbed during a brawl at a café in Antwerp, located in Grote Pieter Potstraat. The information, published by the Gazet van Antwerpen, was confirmed by the Antwerp public prosecutor’s department. The victim, a 26 year-old man of Ecuadorian origin, died while he was being transferred to hospital. Police were unable to arrest the person responsible and are currently searching for the suspect with the help of various witness statements and video footage.
A similar stabbing occurred close to Van Stralenstraat, also in Antwerp, on Sunday morning.
A young man around the age of twenty was also stabbed in as yet unclear circumstances.
This man, however, managed to get a taxi to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.
He is currently stable but investigators have not yet been able to question him.

(Source: Belga)