Celles: accident, car hits… a wallaby

A wallaby was found dead by children in the village of Molenbaix (Celles) last Saturday, reports Nord-Eclair. It appears the animal had been hit by a car. The wallaby had been the centre of attention in the village over the past weeks, with villagers trying to get hold of it at every opportunity. According to the village vet, the wallaby had a broken femur but probably died from internal bleeding. The marsupial appears to have been vacationing in the countryside situated between the Mont de l’Enclus and the Mont-Saint-Aubert since last summer. It was spotted by the Molenbaix village postman who shared his sighting with the Nord-Eclair newspaper.
Nord Eclair reports that another marsupial is still loose in and around Rongy (Brunehaut).

(Source: Belga)

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