Sharia4Belgium - "Diminitri Bontinck saw his worst nightmare come true"

Sharia4Belgium - "Diminitri Bontinck saw his worst nightmare come true"

Dimitri Bontinck, father of defendant Jejoen Bontinck, has asked that as a civil party in the terrorism trial of the small group Sharia4Belgium, he be granted a provisional compensation. "This is a father who saw his worst nightmare come true. He suffered moral damage,” said his lawyer, Xavier Potvin on Tuesday.

Dimitri Bontinck’s lawyer explained that Bontinck gave his son the best possible education: he sent him to the best school in Antwerp and gave him every opportunity to excel in sports and music. When Jejoen fell in love with a Moroccan, he was introduced to the Muslim culture and Sharia4Belgium.

"My client then felt he was losing control of his son, but was helpless. He traveled to Sharia4Belgium headquarters on Dambruggestraat several times and met with Fouad Belkacem. He even invited Belkacem to his home"said Mr. Potvin.

However, Dimitri Bontinck could not prevent the radicalization of his son. Finally his son went to Syria. "He saw his worst nightmare come true.  He can not be condemned for the way he tried to handle the situation. It is true, he did make regular visits to the media but he didn’t know what else to do.   Finally, he traveled to Syria on his own to go get his son back. "

The Brussels-West police also claimed compensation because of riots in Molenbeek after the niqab incident of May 31st, 2012.

The mother of Zacharia I., on the other hand decided not to file a civil claim. To her, the Belgian government is responsible because it did nothing despite her requests for help.

After the civil parties, it will be time for the defense to present their arguments. The lawyer for Fouad Belkacem will be the first.

(Source: Belga)

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