University of Leuven to launch first "Space Billboard"

In 2016, a mini-satellite decorated with company logos will leave Earth. This will be the first billboard launched into space, stated project designers on Thursday. The sponsors will assist in financing the spacecraft, a CubeSat developed by four researchers at the University of Leuven. The billboard presented on Thursday contained 400 squares. To place a message, companies will have to pay 2,500 euros per square. If all the squares are taken then the research team will have collected 1 million euros in all. Individuals who are interested can also register their message on the satellite for just 1 euro per sign.

This money will fund the CubeSat, a new type of satellite the size of a loaf of bread, whose mission will be to analyze climate change.

If all goes as planned, the mini-satellite will be sent into space in January 2016 from the base in Alcântara, Brazil. When it is 500 kilometers away, it will circle the earth 15 times a day at a speed of 27,400 km / h.

The CubeSat will not be visible from Earth. The ads can also be found on the website, stated the researchers at the KU Leuven University.

(Source: Belga)

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