Antwerp Assises Court – Steven Sollie convicted of murdering girlfriend

On Thursday evening, after deliberating for nearly three hours, the jury at the Antwerp Assises Court found Steven Sollie (38) guilty of murdering his girlfriend Jacqueline Duysan (25). The victim was strangled nearly three years ago in the apartment she shared with the accused, who has consistently maintained he had no involvement in her death. 

Police were notified on December 23, 2011, by one of Steven Sollie’s friends. This friend declared that one evening, Steven Sollie took him to his apartment in Mechelen to show him “something shocking”, where the naked and gagged body of the woman nicknamed ‘Jacky’ was found on the bed. She had been strangled to death and then her right nipple cut off. Her left breast showed signes of a bite mark.

Police arrested the accused in a café. He denied both being the perpetrator and having gone to the apartment with his friend, in spite of CCTV footage showing this was the case. His DNA was found on the shoelaces used to tie up the victim yet he continued to claim he did not kill his girlfriend.

The trial began on Tuesday with the constitution of the jury. It will continue on Wednesday with the presentation of the indictment against the accused. Steven Sollie will then be heard, as will witnesses, which is likely to last into the early evening.  The pleadings will begin on Thursday.

(Source: Belga)

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