Sharia4Belgium – Mother of alleged terrorist seeks acquittal

El Ouazna N. was the last of the accused in the Sharia4Belgium case to appear before the court this Monday. She is being prosecuted for having sent, via a third party, money to her son Brahim B., now in Syria. Her lawyer pleaded for an acquittal. She claimed to have sent the money because her son wanted to buy a car. According to the prosecution, 8,000 euros were sent while El Ouazna N. only made two deposits of € 1,000. To the prosecution, the money could have been used to fund terrorist activities, an accusation which the defense denies.

“She did what any other mother would have done and I do not think she should be blamed for that. My client denies having been aware of her son’s commitment to the Al-Nosra Front” said lawyer John Maes. The woman accepted her son’s decision to go to Syria, even though she lives with the fear of what might happen to him there, stated the lawyer.

The hearing was adjourned at 5:40PM after the arguments made by John Maes. The arguments for the last two defendants, Michael Delefortrie and the presumably deceased Houssien E., will be held Oct. 20th. A reply will be given to the prosecution the following week, on October 27th, and the defense will finally have the final say on November 10th. The verdict should be handed down in mid-December.

(Source: Belga)

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