Belgians donate nearly 100,000 euros to Oxfam-Solidarity for Gaza victims

Belgians donate nearly 100,000 euros to Oxfam-Solidarity for Gaza victims

As part of its donations appeal, Oxfam- Solidarity has raised 99,764 euros to support the victims of Gaza; exactly 100 days after the violence in the region began to escalate.
The amount raised from the Belgians will help provide access to clean water, food and emergency medical assistance, said the organization in a statement.

In total, 2,216 are dead and thousands injured in the violence that began in July, added Oxfam-Solidarity. “In addition, 50 days of fighting severely damaged infrastructure and the cost of the damage is estimated at several billion dollars.” In Gaza, 89,000 new homes are needed as well as 226 new schools.

Other member associations of the 12-12 consortium also launched appeals for donations in late July. Handicap International launched an email campaign to its donors, which raised 80,000 euros since July. On an international level, 730,000 euros were raised from the public.

Doctors of the World, who also sent an email to its donors was able to raise, 12,785 euros from individual donations. Caritas International disbursed 50,000 euros and was able to raise just under 10,000 euros to focus primarily on access to care and basic necessities. The NGO also specifies that almost half a million euros in donations were sent for the crisis in Iraq. Donations from Unicef ??Belgium amounted to 10,000 euros.

 The organizations  would like to state that donations are always welcome and can be deposited into their account numbers with a memo saying the word “Gaza”: BE80 0000 0000 7777 (Handicap International), BE26 0000 0000 2929 (MDM), BE31 0000 0000 5555 (Unicef ??Belgium) BE88 0000 0000 4141 (Caritas).

(Source: Belga)

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