Liège - Georges Rossion sentenced to life imprisonment

Liège - Georges Rossion sentenced to life imprisonment

On Friday, Georges Rossion a 49-year old man from Visé, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Criminal Court of Liege. On March 5th, 2013, he murdered his ex-girlfriend Corinne Vranken by hitting her in the head with a hammer 15 times. The accused was Corinne Vranken’s former partner and the father of her three children. Despite the separation, Georges Rossion still harbored jealousy towards Corinne Vranken because she was in a new relationship.

On March 5th, 2013, George Rossion broke into Corinne Vranken’s home by breaking a window. Neighbours called the authorities, but when the police arrived, Corinne Vranken was dead.  The 15 hammer blows she received had caused fatal injuries to the head and brain.  

Georges Rossion challenged the premeditation charge but the jury did not take into account his unclear explanations. They pointed out that George Rossion was ruthless and violent while administering a large number of hammer blows to the victim in a vital region.

The jury also pointed out that Georges Rossion had broken into the victim's home. He set up a trap for Corinne Vranken fell. Jurors also emphasized that Georges Rossion had thought about committing the crime starting February 22nd, 2013 until the day of the incident.

After the guilty verdict, attorney general Véronique Laurent sentenced the accused to life in prison. Defense lawyer, Jean-Louis Libert had pleaded for a sentence that would offer his client just a glimmer of hope. After a final deliberation, Georges Rossion was sentenced to life imprisonment.

(Source: Belga)

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