Decrease in car usage for Brussels commuters

Decrease in car usage for Brussels commuters

According to the Federal Planning Bureau a decrease in car use was found among workers who commute to the Brussels-Capital region.
A total of 48% use their cars to commute to the capital. In the early 2000’s this percentage of people using their cars to commute was 57%. Nevertheless, the total number of kilometers traveled by private in Belgium continues to increase. “To travel to workplaces in Brussels, the dominant position of the car has declined in favor of public transportation,” stated the Federal Planning Bureau. In Flanders (75%) and Wallonia (85%), the car remains the main means of transportation.

Besides the working class, students are also using cars less. The use of the car for commuting to a college or university has declined significantly since the early 2000s in all three regions.

The largest decrease was recorded in Brussels where less than one in ten students use cars, compared to 19% in Flanders and 31% in Wallonia. “Among college students, the switch to other forms of transport, including public transportation, is deeper and more widespread,” said the Federal Planning Bureau.

(Source: Belga)

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