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Brussels: FGTB Namur vandalizes MR headquarters

On Tuesday morning around 10:15AM, two hundred members of FGTB Namur arrived at MR headquarters on Avenue de la Toison d’Or in Brussels. They threw yellow paintballs at the windows of the building, stated Arnaud Leveque, an FGTB member. The purpose of this action, he said, was “to make a statement to the government.” According to local police, there were about a hundred people in this crowd. They threw stones at the windows of the building and threw smoke bombs inside. The incident lasted close to thirty minutes.

“We wanted to make a statement to the Michel government for the months to come. From a trade union point of view, the government reform is unacceptable. We were presented with a fait accompli without being consulted,” said Arnaud Leveque.

“We threw yellow paintballs at the front of the MR building because they have handed the key to the government to the N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) which has begun to deteriorate the government and Social Security”, he concluded.

(Source: Belga)