Ghent Appeal - attack on GM field: more than fifty organisations support activists

An open letter has been signed by more than fifty organisations and individuals in support of the 11 activists who damaged a field of genetically modified potatoes in Wetteren, back in 2011. They will have to defend their actions before the Ghent Court of Appeal next Tuesday. In an official statement, the organisations pointed out that, "Far from being alone, the 'Wetteren 11' are part of, and supported by, a vast movement of signatory organisations fighting against GMOs, which most people are opposed to".     

For them, GMOs are a dummy solution to the major issues facing agriculture and food production today. In addition, "they increase farmers’ and consumers’ economic and social dependence on agribusiness, while presenting a significant risk to the environment and human health."

The signatories are therefore calling on the authorities to invest in sustainable agriculture and food systems, based on the democratisation of our food systems and on ecological agricultural practices.

They include organisations such as CNCD-11.11.11 (NCCD-11.11.11), Greenpeace, the Fédération Inter-Environnement Wallonie (Wallonia Inter-Environment Federation), Oxfam World Shops, Nature & Progrès and the Union Nationale des Agrobiologistes Belges (National Union of Belgian Organic Farmers). 

The trial will begin next Tuesday at 9:00 am before the Ghent Court of Appeal. 

(Source: Belga)

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