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Belgian diplomats unable to freely access the internet

La Libre Belgique reported on Wednesday that Belgian diplomats have been unable to access the internet since the “Snake” virus hit the network on May 10th and the Foreign Affairs bureau quarantined its entire IT network. Only recently, diplomats were still unable to check their emails on either smartphones or tablets.  These services were recently reinstated (except on older-generation smartphones).
However, personnel still cannot freely access the internet, due to  the department’s IT service change of policy.  In the past, the IT services used a black list of sites personnel were unauthorised to access.  Today, however, only sites that are on an “accepted list” are authorised and diplomats must request a site be added to the list to be able to access it.
A complaint has been filed with the federal prosecutor, who has stated that the investigation “remains open” and that “no one has been charged.”

(Source: Belga)