Rémy Lecrenier’s limited detention request examined

Rémy Lecrenier’s limited detention request examined

The Sentence Application Tribunal (TAP, tribunal des applications des peines), based in Andenne prison, examined the request for limited detention submitted by Rémy Lecrenier’s lawyer. Sentenced to life in prison, Rémy Lecrenier has been behind bars since 1999. The civil parties’ lawyer asked that the request be rejected. On the 7th of July 1997, Rémy Lecrenier killed his girlfriend, Vinciane Tellier, and her mother and sisters. It happened in the family home in Wanze, in the Liège province.
In September 2013, the case was handed back to the Sentence Application Tribunal. “At the time, Rémy Lecrenier’s lawyer said his client was not ready and in February 2014, the TAP finally refused all requests for release”, explains Dominique Remy, the lawyer for the Tellier family.
“We are still in the same situation and there is nothing that could alter their decision. We are at the same point apart from the fact that father Tellier died a few months ago, from a broken heart”.
The date the TAP will make their decision is not yet known.

(Source: Belga)

Rémy Lecrenier’s lawyer did not want to talk about the case.

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