Two new speed camera housings on E42 motorway

Two new speed camera housings on E42 motorway

The Region of Wallonia has just installed two new speed camera housings on the highway E42 up to Gaurain-Ramecroix (Tournai). "A speed camera may be set up there by Federal Highway Patrol from this November 1st", announced Walloon Minister of Construction and Road Safety, Maxime Prévot, on Thursday. The number of units across the region now totals 33. "Federal Highway Patrol now uses 16 speed cameras. These are spaced between the 33 units installed by the Public Service of Wallonia (SPW) on motorways and smaller roads", added Maxime Prévot, announcing the installation of two additional units on the E42.

"So as not to "trap"drivers while still highlighting to them the dangers in this area, three separate road signs are systematically installed before and after each unit", said the Minister. These preventive road signs will also be installed on the now monitored section in Tournai.

Wallonia now has 33 speed cameras on its roads, plus the monitored section of the Cointe tunnel  (A602 in Liège).

"The Minister aims to reduce the number of victims on Walloon roads to 200 by 2020", this report concludes.


(Source: Belga)

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