The Foreign Office advises against journeys to Burkina Faso

The Foreign Office advises against journeys to Burkina Faso

On Thursday, the Foreign Office has revised its opinion on journeys to Burkina Faso: they strongly advise against all trips to the West African country. This decision is following recent demonstrations that have sprung up in the country after the Burkinabe government announced a proposed bill to revise the Constitution to allow the current president a third mandate. 

Up to now, Belgian tourists were just told to be careful when in Burkina Faso. The Foreign Office revised this opinion on Thursday, now advising against all trips to the country.
There are currently 369 Belgians living in Burkina Faso and 27 are there for a short stay, according to the Federal Public Service. “We are in contact with these people”, said Joren Vandeweyer, the Foreign Office spokesman.

The Foreign Office advises Belgians there to let the Belgian embassy at Ouagadougou know of their presence, avoid demonstrations and assemblies, follow the media coverage and stay informed of the situation.

A flight that should have left Brussels Airport for the Burkinabe capital on Friday has since been cancelled.

(Source: Belga)

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