Flight delays: many Belgians turning to specialist claims firms

The claims firm vlucht-vertraagd.be is now specialising in compensation claims targeting airlines from passengers who have had to put up with substantial delays to their flights. Over a thousand Belgians have used the firm in the past year in order to claim compensation (up to 600 euros – 25% of which is retained by the firm in fees), report the Het Nieuwsblad,  Gazet van Antwerpen and De Standaard newspapers on Monday.

“When unlucky travellers complain to the airline, they generally get a threatening letter back, full of legal jargon.  Most of them give up on their claim there and then.  And complaining to the Ministry of Transport rarely makes any difference.  We are often their last chance’, explains the firm.

The vlucht-vertraagd.be website has local websites in the Netherlands, France, Spain and the UK.

(Source: Belga)

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