The people’s initiative “Chicon Futé” offers solutions to avoid black-outs

The people’s initiative “Chicon Futé” offers solutions to avoid black-outs

The website for “Chicon Futé”, a Belgian people’s initiative to manage the risk of power cuts announced for this winter, was launched on Wednesday. Its aim is to encourage people to cut their electricity for at least an hour and share “‘all the possible ways to avoid black-outs”, explain the initiators in a press release. Present on Facebook and Twitter, “Chicon Futé” offers an application that allows people to synchronize efforts to reduce electricity consumption. Everyone can register with the site to take part and pass on the message.

To reduce consumption, the site advises candlelit dinners for example, and recommends outings to places that can’t reduce their consumption, like cinemas or restaurants. “At least the energy used will be used for the maximum number of people”, says the site. “Chicon Futé” also suggests turning off your freezer for an hour or two, and assures people that if it’s working right, the insulated door will keep the food frozen.

“Using no electricity for an hour or so is not very difficult. If you commit to not using any electricity in your home between 5pm and 6pm, you save on average between 1 and 3 Kw”, say the initiators, who add that heating represents 70% of the consumption for an average house.

The promoters explain that they chose chicon as an emblem as “it’s a vegetable can thrive in darkness” and will be “a Belgian’s best friend this winter”.

(Source: Belga)

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