National Demonstrations - Antwerp province worst affected

National Demonstrations - Antwerp province worst affected

The situation was quite varied in Flanders on Thursday morning, day of the national demonstrations. While the Limburg province was not too badly disrupted by the Union mobilization, the Antwerp province was really affected, notably a quarter of the schools were shut, Belga learned on Thursday. In Western Flanders, most of the disruption was on the Di Lijn network. As only one driver in two was working, only one in two coastal trams were running. In Bruges, most of the museums were also shut. The companies Daikin, Pinacol and Bombardier worked at a slower rate, the same situation as at the Zeebrugge port where half of the dockers were on strike.

Antwerp port was also slowed down due to 1,000 of its workers being at the demonstrations. The town was particularly affected by the mobilization, several museums and swimming pools were shut, as well as half of the public primary schools. Parents were informed and children were taken to other establishments.

In the Limburg province, despite 6,000 workers being in the capital, all services, except De Lijn transports, were running as normal.

( (Source: Belga)

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