Jean-Charles Luperto admits to being at Spy motorway services (near Namur)

Jean-Charles Luperto admits to being at Spy motorway services (near Namur)

Although he denies having shown exhibitionist behaviour to anyone, whether under or over the age of 18, speaking through his lawyers, he admitted to hanging around Spy motorway services (near Namur) in the hope of ‘hooking up’. The area is known to be a popular meeting place for the homosexual community, reported several newspapers on Tuesday. Sambreville’s main alderman, Denis Lisélélé, said he didn’t consider it anything out of the ordinary for Jean-Charles Luperto, Mayor of Sambreville and also Walloon MP and president of the Wallonia-Brussels, Federation, not to attend the Sambreville Remembrance Day ceremony.  

Mr. Preumont, counsel for Mr. Luperto commented to RTBF and RTL-TVI that “Mr. Luperto would be very surprised if anyone claims to have witnessed him in a questionable position or in one he would not want to be seen in.”

Jean-Charles Luperto is suspected of obscenity in the presence of minor(s) under the age of 16. He benefits from the presumption of innocence, however, and has not been charged as of yet. He will be interviewed by investigators in Namur on Thursday.

Some media have highlighted Jean-Charles Luperto’s absence at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Sambreville, hinting he was keeping a low profile in the wake of these revelations. Sambreville’s main alderman, Denis Lisélélé, put the record straight, however, indicating “Mr. Luperto’s absence today is in no way related to the current situation. Mr. Luperto has simply never been chair of Sambreville’s Remembrance Day ceremony. I have been doing this since 2006 and Mr. Luperto is still in Brussels as part of his duties at the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussells Federation.”

It has still not been revealed if Denis Lisélélé will be appointed as acting mayor of Sambreville. He came second behind Mr. Luperto in the last municipal elections.

(Source: Belga)

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