The CGSP and CSC denounce the SNCB and Infrabel’s situation at Namur station

The CGSP and CSC denounce the SNCB and Infrabel’s situation at Namur station

The militants of the CGSP railway workers and the CSC-Transcom assembled Wednesday morning in front of Namur station to give out leaflets to passers-by to inform them of the SNCB and Infrabel’s situation. They also put a coffin in front of the station as a symbol. Through this symbol, they denounced the 1,2 million euro savings imposed on the SNCB and Infrabel, and the fall in investments.

“The RER, for example, should have been operational in 2012. Now they say it will be 2025. They are investing less, or not investing at all”, explains Michel Abdissi, from the CGSP railway workers.

They are also against the freeze in recruitments. “Every year, there are 3,500 people retiring from the railways. We are recruiting 2,000 people each year, 1,200 for the SNCB and 800 for Infrabel.  Infrabel decided to freeze recruitments for 2015. For the SNCB, we don’t know yet as the boss was on holiday”, added Michel Abdissi.

In their leaflet, the unions criticize the cancellation of first and last trains and the suppression of stations and lines. “As well as 193 trains lost in 2012, we will lose more and it’s rural zones that are worst affected”, says Michel Abdissi.

“It is irresponsible to do this”, said Luc Piens, Secretary General of the CSC-Transcom, in a speech. He speaks for the Flemish side, showing it is a national action.

For the Unions, the transport plan to be put in place on the 14th of December 2014 is a lie, and passengers and railway workers will be “pigs paying the price for this farce”.

Similar actions are planned soon in other Belgian stations.

(Source: Belga)

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