Thirteen people arrested by Belgian police during major anti-drug operation

Belgian police and customs arrested thirteen people during an anti-drug operation that was conducted from Thursday to Sunday in Benelux and France, said the federal police on Wednesday. Nine vehicles were seized. Some 380 police officers and Belgian customs agents participated in this major operation. Belgian police and customs officials carried out checks on a total of 1,171 people, of which 175 were found to be in possession of drugs. They seized 15 kg of marijuana, 1.1 kg of hashish, almost 500 grams of heroin, 299 ecstasy pills and eight weapons.

On Thursday, in West Flanders, 14 kg of marijuana and 2 kg of unidentified powder were discovered in a vehicle rented in Belgium and driven by a French woman.

The local police of the Puyenbroeck area (covering the Flemish municipalities of Lochristi, Moerbeke, Wachtebeke and Zelzate) seized more than 14,000 euros during a search at the home of a suspect they had stopped and checked on Friday and found in possession of 26.5 grams of cannabis. On Saturday, the Antwerp railway police seized nearly 300 ecstasy pills on a passenger on a return journey from the Netherlands. During this anti-drug control operation, the Liege traffic police apprehended a Dutch runner who was carrying 460 grams of heroin and 22 grams of cocaine.

(Source: Belga)

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