Home invasions sky-rocket

Home invasions sky-rocket

Over the course of the first six months of 2014, there have been no fewer than 226 "home-invasions" in Belgium, 60% of which were committed in Wallonia. Violent attacks on a person's home have doubled in the space of 4 years, reported La Dernière Heure on Friday.  In 40% of cases, the victims were over the age of 60 and 20% of cases involved traders who kept substantial amounts of money at home. 

Home invasions can be defined by 3 essential characteristics: "Unlike a burglary, in the case of a home invasion, there is a confrontation between the perpetrators and the victims. Secondly, the violent aspect of these acts separates them form simple burglaries. And finally, home invasions are always planned", explained Eddy De Raedt, chief superintendent at the Federal Police's Crime against Goods division (DJB).

(Source: Belga)

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