A unique supplement of 7 euros for buying tickets on board trains

A unique supplement of 7 euros for buying tickets on board trains

The SNCB has decided to make all the different supplements applicable to passengers who buy a ticket on board a train 7 euros, it said on Wednesday in a press release. This new tariff will take effect on the 1st of February 2015 and the group hopes to “reduce discussions that often lead to an attack on the controller”. Passengers who board without a ticket at stops where there are no sales windows or ticket machines available must currently pay a supplement of 3 euros if they let the controller know in advance. The price of the supplement goes up to 12,5 euros if they don’t let the controller know.

“The current system, which is complicated for passengers, is often the subject of discussion, and leads, is certain cases, to attacks on the controllers”, says the SNCB. The new system is a unique supplement of 7 euros. This supplement will not apply to stations where there is no ticket machine available.

The SNCB is currently installing 740 ticket machines in stations and stops. “Combined with sales windows, internet sales and the SNCB app, passengers have a wide range of ways to buy a ticket before getting on the train”, said the railway company.

(Source: Belga)

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