The mayor of Forest gives Jorge Hortua a civil medal for an act of bravery

During the opening of the local Forest council, on Tuesday at 7.30pm, the mayor Marc-Jean Ghyssels gave Jorge Hortua a medal and certificate for an act of bravery. The ceremony was in the presence of representatives from the Columbian embassy. It was awarded to him under previous legislation by the Home Affairs minister for saving two children and their babysitter from a fire. The mayor started the ceremony by reminding people of the event. Jorge Hortua, a 28 year old Columbian who had just got his visa, pulled Romain, 2, Chlöe, 4, and their babysitter from a house on fire on the night of the 31st of January. They were stuck in the bathroom on the third (and top) floor. The babysitter had been calling to passersby from the window. Jorge broke down the door with two other men. He then went into the house alone to carry the children down in his arms.

Jorge Hortua humbly said it was natural to help the children and the woman, who were in grave danger, and that he did not do it to get recognition.

The mayor asked the Culture councilor Charles Spapens to allow Jorge Hortua, who is a professional photographer, to hold a photo exhibition.

(Source: Belga)

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