Two drawings for “The Castafiore Emerald” sold for 280,000 euros in Brussels

Two drawings for “The Castafiore Emerald” sold for 280,000 euros in Brussels

Two recto-verso lead pencil drawings done by Hergé to prepare for the Tintin album “The Castafiore Emerald” were sold for 280,000 euros at an auction in Etterbeek (Brussels) on Sunday. The dedicated lot, signed and dated May 1977, was estimated at 300-350,000 euros, but went for much less. “These drawings reveal the artist’s demands, doubts and never ending search for perfection. It shows his personal vision and the problem of empty and full areas. A rare and magic composition”, says Banque Dessiné, the organizer of the auction sale, which considers the Emerald album the artist’s most accomplished. The double drawing was one of a group of more than 700 lots, described as exceptional by the organizer. Among the other lots was the unique example of a polychrome plaster sculpture of Tintin and Snowy by “Pigeon”. It was done in the 80s and is 125cm high. There is also an ink drawing from China and an episode of “Côtes de Nuits et roses de Picardie” with Corto Maltese (Pratt).

The plaster jar showing Tintin in a kimono and Snowy was bought for 56,000 euros (71,682 with costs). This is a record for the object valued at between 35 and 40,000 euros, Banque Dessiné said on Sunday afternoon. “Another object by Pigeon valued at between 40 and 45,000, a unique piece in bronze showing Skwiik, a Franquin character, sold for 58,000 euros (74,240 with costs).

Before the sale at the Hotel de vente des Casernes in Brussels, some of the lots were shown in Paris last weekend.

Apart from Tintin and Corto Maltese, other comic book heroes appeared in Sunday’s sale, like air hostess Natacha, Buck Danny and Blueberry. 

(Source: Belga)

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