The Economy SPF blocks 155 web sites selling counterfeit products

The Economy SPF blocks 155 web sites selling counterfeit products

“The Economy SPF (service public fédérale) took part in a large international operation to block web sites selling counterfeit products”, the institution announced on Monday in a press release. In total, 292 domain names were blocked around the world, 155 of them in Belgium. In collaboration with Customs, the Economy SPF took part in an international operation to make web sites selling counterfeit products inaccessible. “The consumer can no longer find or access a page telling them about certain objects due to the operation against counterfeiting”, said the Economy SPF.

In Belgium, 155 of the .be ou .eu web sites checked were blocked. These sites offered, among other things, counterfeit luxury products like handbags, clothes, shoes etc.

Four infractions were uncovered, the SPF said. These sites “were all a threat to public order, and were unfair competition to legitimate companies. They could have damaged consumer interests. They did not identify those responsible, who could not be located in Belgium”.

“These four infractions were sufficient to block their domain names, the only option for the authorities”, the Economy SPF said.

The institution maintains economic order in the interest of consumers and legitimate companies, who provide fair services. The Counterfeit department of the Economy SPF seized more than 625,000 counterfeit goods in 2013.

(Source: Belga)

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