Cold but dry weather

Cold but dry weather

Thursday will be gray and cold, but should remain dry. The risk of showers will increase on Friday and over the weekend. Temperatures will go down to -1 in several regions. There will be a light wind from the South East. On Thursday evening and during the night, there will still be clouds in the sky and temperatures will be close to or less than zero.

It will stay very cloudy Friday evening, with a few showers in the afternoon. There will be a moderate wind from the South. Temperatures will go up slightly during the day, to 2 degrees in Ardenne and 7 degrees on the coast.

The sun will occasionally shine on Saturday. A few showers are also expected in the West of the country, though the weather will stay generally dry for the other regions. There will be more cloud on Sunday, and showers will follow. Snow could fall in Ardenne.

Next week, the weather will be variable and rainy. Temperatures will reach around 6 degrees.

(Source: Belga)

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