Over 20,000 Cambio users in Belgium

Over 20,000 Cambio users in Belgium

In a statement published on Tuesday, the Cambio car-sharing firm announced that 20,000 Belgian users have been enjoying its service since early November. According to figures provided by Cambio, this car-sharing concept launched in Wallonia twelve years ago is currently recording 25,000 bookings per month, representing about 6,500 fewer cars on our roads.

The concept was launched in Wallonia back in 2002. It then spread to the Brussels-Capital Region the following year and eventually reached Flanders in 2004. Today, Cambio has stations in 30 Belgian cities, with 20,000 users sharing its 650 vehicles.

According to Cambio, that means that "6,500 cars are off the road, thus saving 40 km of road space. That’s a really efficient, effective way to unclog our roads." "The concept of car-sharing has been going from strength to strength for some years now", said the company.

Indeed, the number of Cambio users continues to rise. Back in 2008, there were 5,000 Cambio users. Numbers were double that in 2010 and have reached 20,000 today.  

"Our car-sharing service has been growing steadily: we’ve been recording 2,500 new registrations every year since 2008", pointed out one Cambio representative.

The company, which hopes to maintain growth in the future, is firmly dedicated to being a modern solution.Over the past few years, it has developed new features, including the possibility for users to make, cancel or modify their bookings via a mobile phone application. Cambio car sharers can also use Mobib cards, which are valid on most major public transport vehicles (Stib, De lijn, SNCB and Villo !).  

(Source: Belga)  

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