Michel Sardou supports Willy Sagnol

Michel Sardou supports Willy Sagnol

Michel Sardou supported football coach Willy Sagnol on RTL, after the coach’s controversial declaration describing what he called a “typical African player.” Sardou feels that saying “blacks run faster than white guys” “is not racist.” “A guy says ‘blacks run faster than whites’? That’s a fact. There is no racism to be found there”, explained the singer on Tuesday evening, referring to Willy Sagnol.

“They are stronger, they are more powerful, and they get us every time. (Usain) Bolt? He is not from Alsace. I am not being racist when I say that”, he added, denouncing the “politically correct” police.

Willy Sagnol, who coaches the Girondins team in Bordeaux, caused a heated debate last November when he mentioned how “powerful” “typical African players” are, whilst meeting readers of the French daily Sud-Ouest. The controversy led the former international defender to apologise a few days later, in spite of being openly supported by his players at their first game following his initial statement, especially by Cheikh Diabate from Mali.

Michel Sardou was speaking on RTL following the release of “La famille Belier”, a comedy based on the revival of his old hits the singer of “La maladie d’amour” is said to have enjoyed very much.

(Source: Belga)  

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