Alcohol: increase in excise duty

Alcohol: increase in excise duty

The framework policy implementing a series of the new federal government’s budgetary measures was published in the Belgian Official Journal on Monday. Among the measures is an increase in excise duty on alcohol (excludes beer). Excise duty on wine increased from 56.9700 euros to 57.2440 euros per hectolitre, i.e. 43 cents per bottle. Duty on sparkling wines rises to 195.8775 euros per hectolitre, from 0.9375, which represents 1.47 euros per bottle.

Excise duty on soft drinks has been indexed. It therefore increases from 0.2479 euros to 0.2486 euros per kilo for roasted coffee and from 3.7184 euros to 3.7284 euros per hectolitre for refreshment drinks.
The increase is expected to line state coffers with an extra 23 million euros in 2015.

(Source: Belga)  

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