Belgians worried about healthcare and economic crisis

Belgians worried about healthcare and economic crisis

A survey of 1,100 people by the market research firm, Trendhuis, shows Belgians are concerned primarily with healthcare and the economic crisis in the coming year. Among the major areas causing Belgians concern, healthcare comes out on top with 78% of the inhabitants polled admitting they worry about increasing healthcare costs. Half of them also expressed concerns about the shortage of retirement homes.

This is followed closely by the economic crisis, a worry for 77% of the survey's respondents.   And 45% also say they fret about job security.

75% showed concern over the lack of peace and security internationally,  although the situation in Europe seems to be less of a concern, causing anxiety to around half of respondents.

Crime (72%) and global warming (69%) come 4th and 5th in the ranking.  According to the trend barometer, women feel more threatened than men, along with the unemployed, pensioners and people widows and widowers.

The ranking also shows concern over other areas: the quality of education (65%), road traffic (62%), federal government policy (55%), European policy (54%) and the shortage of nurseries (35%).

Trendhuis has been providing this trend barometer every year since 2005.

(Source: Belga)  

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